2012 Old News

**CUbs win, cubs win**

Sunday, September 23rd

Our championship game saw the Cubs defeat the Yankees 10 - 1, behind the 3 hit pitching of Paul Mancuso. Paul gave up only 3 hits in 9 innings while striking out 16 Yankees. Leading the Cubs attack were: Chip Loftin 2 for 3, 1rbi, John O'reilly 2 for 2, 1rbi, Bart Molay 2 for 3, 1DBL, 2rbi, and Steve Stropolo 2 for 3, 1DBL, 1rbi.

Leading the Yankees was Lowell Gauff going 3 for 3 and getting the only hits off of Paul.

Week 15 Playoffs

August 26, 2012

Our 1st game at St. Charles saw the Yankees beating the Dodgers 8 - 2. Leading hitters for the Yankees were: Ricky Plauche 4 for 4, 4rbi, Glenn Schiaffino 3 for 4, 1DBL, 1rbi, Brian Singleton 3 for 4, 1DBL. Fred Albert had another good outing and picked up the win for the Yankees. Leading hitter for the Dodgers was Wayne Mesa 3 for 3.

Our 2nd game of the day saw the Cubs edging out the Phillies 8 - 7, scoring the game ending run on a passed ball in the bottom of the 9th. Leading hitters for the Cubs were: Dan Newman 3 for 4, 1HR. 2rbi, Rick Hudson 2 for 4, 1DBL, Steve Stropolo 2 for 4,2rbi, Steve Scneck 2 for 4, 1DBL, 1rbi. Paul Mancuso went 8 2/3 innings striking out 13 and picked up the win. Leading the Phillies was Leo Leblanc with 2 hits.

Week 14 Playoffs

August 12, 2012

Our 1st game of the playoffs was the suspended game between the Dodgers and the Pirates. The Pirates were unable to field enough players to pick up where they left off last week, so the game will go down officially by the score of 4 - 0.

In our 2nd game of the day the Yankees defeated the Cardinals 12 - 2. Leading the way for the Yankees were; Phil Philibert 2 for 4, 1rbi, Brian Singleton 2 for 4, 1dbl, 2rbi, and Rob Troullier 1 for 2, 2rbi. Fred Alfred pitched the complete game in picking up the win for the Yankees. Ben Hebert and Craig Robicheaux each had 2 hits apiece for the Cardinals.

Our 3rd game at St. Charles saw the Phillies beating the Tigers 12 - 4. Leading hitters for the Phillies were; Ernest Neves 3 for 4, 1rbi, Brian Kennedy 2 for 3, 3rbi, Leo Leblanc 2 foe 3, 2dbl, 2rbi, and Jason Hamrick 2 for 4, 1HR, 2rbi. Spencer Ott pitched 7 innings and got the win for the Phillies. Byron Addison and Tim Moffett each had 2 hits apiece for the Tigers.


July 29, 2012

In the 1st game at St. Charles the Cardinals beat the Pirates 11 - 6. The Cardinals were led by: Gene Schmaltz 3 for 3, 1TR, 4RBI, Joe Lamartino 2 for 2, 1RBI, Dan Long 2 for 2, Blake Benoit 2 for 3, 1RBI and Gwain Roundtree 2 for 3. Gwain also pitched the entire game picking up the win. Miller and Oster led the Pirates with 2 hits apiece.

Our 2nd game saw the Cubs win the regular season championship by defeating the Dodgers 12 - 2. The cubs were led by: Greg Cahill 2 for 3, 2RBI, Phil Leblanc 2 for 4, 1RBI, and Mart Molay 2 for 3, 1DBL, 2RBI. Dan Newman added a Home Run for the Cubs in his 1st at bat. Paul Mancuso picked up the win for the Cubs. Mickey Gallagher and Ed Vollenweider led the Dodgers with 2 hits apiece.

In our 3rd game the Phillies and the Yankees played to a 5 - 5 tie. Leading the Phillies were: Spencer Ott 2 for 3, 1RBI and John Paciera 2 for 3, 1DBL, For the Yankees Rickey Philibert was 2 for 3, 1TR, and Mike Guidry 1 for 2, 1RBI.

Week 12

Mother Nature 2, Over Forty 1

In our only game of the day at St. Charles the Tigers and the Yankees played to a 4 - 4 tie game. Leading the way for the Tigers were; Byron Addison 2 for 3, and Jodi Simoneaux 2 for 3, 1RBI. For the Yankees Bryon Singleton was 2 for 2, 2DBL, 1RBI, and Albert Causey was 1 for 2, 1HR., 2RBI. Both teams had their chances to get the win but to no avail.

Our 2nd game was in the 2nd inning when Mother Nature stepped to the plate and delivered a downpour. That ended everything.

This weekend we play our 1st rained out games at Bonnabel if possible. Check the website for the schedule for the next 2 weeks.


July 1st, 2012

Our 1st game at Bonnabel saw the Yankees beating the Cardinals 13 - 4. Leading the Yankees hitting were: Reggie Lane 2 for 3, 2RBI, Fred Durand 1 for 1, 1DBL, 2RBI. Fred Alfred pitched another complete game picking up the win for the Yankees. Leading the Cardinals with 2 hits apiece were: Melvin Howard, Joe Lamartino, and Craig Robicheaux.

In the 2nd game at Bonnabel the Dodgers defeated the Phillies 8 - 6. Leading hitters for the Dodgers were: James Brossette 2 for 3, 1DBL, 3RBI, Chris Rivette 2 for 3, 4RBI. Dereck Cusick got the win for the Dodgers. Leading hitters for the Phillies were: Jimmy Doss 2 for 2, Mike Lebeau 2 for 2, 1DBL, 1RBI, Ernest Neves 2 for 2, 2RBI, and Brandon St. Amand adding a solo home run for the Phillies.

Over in Laplace the Tigers were taking care of business by defeating the Pirates by the score of 17 - 3. Leading hitters for the Tigers were: Tim Moffet 3 for 3, 1DBL, 1Trip, 3RBI, Mike Leblanc 3 for 3, 2RBI, Jody Simoneaux 3 for 3, 3RBI. Jody also picked up the win for the Tigers. Lynn Brehm was 1 for 2 for the Pirates who could only muster 4 hits against the Tiger pitching.

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