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Championship Game- Rangers WIN!

October 13, 2013

The 2013 Over 40 Championship game was played Sunday with the Rangers defeating the Cubs 11 - 4. The game was close for 7 innings but the Rangers scored 5 runs in the 8th to pull away from the Cubs and then added 3 more runs in the 9th. Leading the Rangers offense were; Leo Leblanc 3 for 4, 3RBI, Craig Quintal 3 for 5, 2RBI, and Chris Ricks 3 for 5, 1DBL, 1RBI. Pitching for the Rangers were; Spencer Ott, 4IP, 3ER, 2K, and Craig Quintal 5IP, 0Runs, 7K, and picked up the win. Craig Quintal was also voted the MVP of the 2013 Playoffs. Greg Saunders led the Cubs with a 2 for 4 performance.

Week 23- Semi-Final playoffs

September 29, 2013

This weekend shaped up to be a pitchers day for both our games. In our 1st game Craig Quintal held the Dodgers to only 2 hits while striking out 22 batters thru 9 innings to get the win for the Rangers. Jimmy Barta gave up 3 runs in the 1st inning and then blanked the Rangers the rest of the day to account for the final score of 3 - 1. For the Rangers Bob Oster was 2 for 3 with a triple in the 1st and 1RBI, Jason Hamrick was 2 for 3, 1RBI. For the Dodgers Ryan Walsh and Phil Wangerin got the only hits off Quintal.

Our 2nd game saw the Cubs, with the pitching of Paul Mancuso, 8 IP, 0ER, 10K, and Steve Schneck 1IP, 2K, defeat the Tigers 9 - 2. For the Cubs Greg Saunders was 4 for 4, 1DBL, 1RBI, Greg Cahill was 3 for 4, 1RBI; Phil Leblanc and John O'reilly each added 2 hits and 2RBI for the Cubs. The leading hitter for the Tigers was Tom Baer going 2 for 3, 1DBL.

Well it's finally here, the Championship game between the 2013 Regular Season Champion Cubs and the 2nd place Rangers. The game will be played at St. Charles on Sunday October 13, 2013 at 3:00 PM. Ironically the only 2 losses during the year for the Cubs were at the hands of the Rangers. this should shape up as another good game with 2 very good pitchers ready to go at it. Good luck to both teams.


September 15, 2013

In our 1st game of playoffs at Bonnabel, the Cubs defeated the Phillies 16 - 3. Leading hitters for the Cubs were: Boomer Newman 4 for 4, 1DBL, 1HR, 2RBI; Steve Stropolo 4 for 4, 1DBL, 1RBI; Greg Cahill 2 for 4, 1DBL, 4RBI; Rick Hudson 2 for 4, 1DBL, 2RBI. Chip Loftin picked up the win for the Cubs. Leading hitters for the Phillies were: Mark Hollebone and Kelvin Lebeau each with 2 hits apiece.

In the 2nd game at Bonnabel, the Tigers beat the Yankees 13 - 6. Leading the offense for the Tigers were: Byron Addison 2 for 4, 1RBI; Ronnie Schowath 1 for 1, 2RBI; Billy Bourgeois Sac fly, 1RBI. Mike Lee picked up the win for the Tigers. For the Yankees Albert Causey and Ricky Plauch were both 1 for 2, 1RBI each.

Up in St. Charles the Rangers beat the White Sox 20 - 7. Leading hitters for the Rangers were: Brad Washington 2 for 4, 3RBI; Ernest Neves 2 for 4, 1DBL, 2RBI; Chris Ricks 1 for 2, 1HR, 3RBI; Brian Kennedy 2 for 3, 2RBI; and Jeff Gauthier 2 for 3. Spencer Ott picked up the win for the Rangers. Casey Baker and Jodi Simoneaux were each 2 for 3, 1RBI for the White Sox.

Our 2nd game at St. Charles saw the Dodgers beat the Cardinals 13 - 1. The Dodgers were led by: Chris Rivette 2 for 3, 1HR, 4RBI; Ed Vollenweider 3 for 3, 2RBI; Ryan Walsh 2 for 2, 1RBI; and Phil Wangerin 2 for 2, 1DBL. Jimmy Barta picked up the win for the Dodgers. For the Cardinals, Blake Benoit was 2 for 3, 1DBL.


August 25, 2013

The doubleheader at Bonnabel was washed out leaving us only the games at St. Charles.

In the 1st game at St. Charles the Cardinals beat the Dodgers 11 - 7. Leading hitters for the Cardinals were: Bo Levett 2 for 4, 2RBI; and Anthony Hebert 2 for 3, 1RBI. Travis Gros picked up the win for the Cardinals. Leading hitter for the Dodgers was Jimmy Barta 2 for 3, 1DBL, 1RBI.

In the 2nd game the Cubs defeated the White Sox 6 - 1. Leading the Cubs offense were: Steve Schneck 2 for 4, 1DBL, 3RBI, Chip Loftin 2 for 4, 2RBI. Paul Mancuso picked up the win giving up only 1 hit while striking out 9. With this win the Cubs became the 2013 Regular Season Champs going into the playoffs starting Sunday September 15, 2013.

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